Site update

I updated my portfolio recently and though its far from finished have published it for all to see (yes I am looking for work). I want to write more about this experience later as it seems my best laid plans didn’t quite go as I had hoped.
I wanted to create a site the reflects my personality and my work well of course but I wanted to do it quickly and simply. Why is it that simple is so hard? And why must the tools we use to create sites quickly always end up costing us more time in the end?
Part of this process for me is checking out what other people are doing to show/market/promote themselves online. I especially love this part of the process since it gives me the excuse to spend hours looking some really brilliant work.
It seems some things haven’t changed much in the past 8 years. Why so many broadcast-like, over produced, click to the next flash movie sites that profess to be interactive and yet yield the vast majority of these sites manipulated their users’ environment to reduce interactivity. In fact so many interactive sites are not interactive at all.
Other sites tend to be so obsessed with complying with web standards that they lose all sense of voice. All these sites look and interact the exact same way. Sure when you create a commercial site used my a broad spectrum of people its pays to rely on UI and web development standards but what happened to creating ‘unique’ personal sites?
These are just observations and maybe my age is showing. It’s all good baby. I suffer from all the above I’m sure and I am by no means professing originality. Far from it.
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