The Hard World of Quiet

I’ve got a meeting in 20 minutes and instead of working on deadline doom I am looking through my photos on flickr and posting entries from Youtube on my weblog. I should start a for credit class on procrastination. Why not? UC Santa Cruz offers a major in computer game design.
The above photo was likely likely posted on this site a few times before. It features some of the main ‘players’ in my Quiet Please exhibition extravaganza.
While I enjoy the freedom that working outside of a corporate environment provides I feel at times that this freedom is an illusion. Sometimes having so much choice in what to pursue is numbing – too much choice ultimately makes you unhappy. This philosophy is true in just about every endeavor in life. Perhaps the restrictive nature of working in a large company is not so bad after all. I’ve always enjoyed working within constraints, all my work has been about that – improvisation, music, web design, interface design, and sound are all limited modes of expression.
I miss the singular focus we had in that project. Now it seems I am truly becoming a jack-of-all-trades, my head thinking on a million different ideas for a multitude of projects of which only a couple are truly interesting.

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