Other than Yahoo, are there any personalized news portals left? I’m not having much luck.


I am working at home today due to the floor waxing. The stuff they use is really toxic. I have a ton of email to try and respond to.

Yesterday I had my interview with Chao Tung and I wish it had gone better. There appeared to be a misunderstanding as to what I should support visually. I supported my current work but should have supported my research plan. Disappointing as I hate to fail and simply due to the fact that I spent a month preparing with perhaps a lackluster result. Even if I achieve the result I want it will still bother me for ages. Thats me. I am still exhausted from all the work that went into it – yesterday after the interview I could’t stop eating. It was like I hadn’t had anything to eat in a month.

I’m hungery. I’m tired. And I miss listening to the radio. Yesterday was such a productive day. Today was spent preparing for and attending a rather long meeting. ugggh.

The 14th is getting closer and closer and closer. On December 14th I have an interview, I would call it an audition, for entrance into Grad. school. I am preparing as best I can. I hope its enough. If I get in, that would make 3 people in my office at work who are going to school and working at the same time. Should make for alot of tired faces.

I am too tired to work anymore. Comments function will have to wait till later.

I should create a list like this. What a huge undertaking it would be, but it would help remove the incessant doubts when going to rent a movie. Just create a database containing every movie I have ever seen, put it on my Palm Pilot, and voila no more renting movies I have already seen.