Boopop Table for your Toddler

We recently bought my daughter a small low rise play table that converts into a surface for playing with legos. It’s really been a great purchase as we get to have an accessible place to build all kinds of creations – usually that includes zanga blocks that she can knock down, water paints, legos, and well, just about all the activities we have tried where sitting at a table is good practice. The downside to the table and chair set we bought is that it is made from cheap and ugly plastic. Though we bought it in an upscale shop most items made and sold here tend to skimp on the design.
When I saw the Boopop table at moderntots I thought I saw a beautiful replacement – the table top is natural bamboo plywood embedded with clear polyester resin and the legs are brushed stainless steel. A good replacement until I saw the price. Moderntots are selling the Boopop for $1,995.00US. Not something to buy on a whim and perhaps only if you think it can find other uses after the children grow out of it. Though with this kind of an investment in a small table do you really want crayons and paint all over it?