3 Strikes

Yes that is my hairy leg with a bandage on it. Young children and total strangers like to pull on the hair whenever they get the chance. I’m not sure but apparently Chinese men tend to have less hair than we barbarians so it’s a strange kind of novelty (I tend to look more at the ladies legs than the guys). This was confirmed by the giggles of the nurse who applied this bandage but 4 hours ago.
I’m having a bad run of late. Yesterday afternoon a lady does the usual “cut in front of me at the last minute maneuver” so prevalent here. A spilt second earlier and she likely would have been flat on her back – I’m big. It’s a rude maneuver but I’m used to it.
Last night it was a taxi driver who tried to cut my knees off by performing the same move with his car. He later slowed down, smiled, and said sorry. Ok my friend no problem I said while grinding my teeth.
Today it was a young dude talking on his cellphone. He was smart to pull over asap so he could talk to his mummy on the phone but not so smart to realize that I was driving my scooter behind him. His prudence caused me to have to stop quickly narrowly escaping a serious pile up. Scooters are very difficult to control in a skid and this is the second injury I have suffered from basically the same maneuver. I was pissed and had to give the young man the benefit of my dirty Chinese language. How do you reprimand a young man smiling like he didn’t know a world existed outside his head? Luckily he wasn’t someone high on betel nut with a lead pipe under his seat or I might be writing this from heaven (or some might say hell).

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