Life in Taiwan 10

Taiwan Culture
Terrie Brown has wonderully positive outlook on life in Taiwan and shares it through her web site. She lists some of the fun things her and her husband have learned since they have been in Taipei. Some of my favourites:
#7. If you hear a truck coming down the street playing music, don’t run out expecting ice cream…it’s the garbage truck…one of our friends said you know you’ve lived in taiwan too long when you hear the music and no longer think of ice cream”
#14. Summer in Taiwan…even you can experience it…go into your bathroom and turn on the hot water in the shower full blast with the door closed…keep all your clothes on so that they can get damp and stick to you. Now, turn on your hairdryer and blow it in your face. Next, run in place really fast until you’ve broken a good sweat. There, now you can feel like you’ve taken a quick trip to Taipei in the summer.
#15. Winter in Taiwan…go sit outside on the sidewalk when the temperature is just about 40 degrees or a little lower. But you must be wearing slightly damp clothes…remember, it is humid here and rains a lot. Now, sleep there. That is what it is like…we have no heaters in our houses! And we have cement walls and tile floors. Of course, if you bundle up, it is quite comfortable. We also added two space heaters to our house to make it bearable.
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