Summer AC

Summer is approaching. The weather has been fantastic of late, except for the seemingly endless days of rain, with temperatures and sunshine similar to a hot summer day in Canada. Soon when the temperatures rise to the mid 30’s and the humidity makes the air feel like a wall of water it will be time to gather round the family air conditioner.
Our bedroom air conditioner literally blew a gasket last year and it’s time to purchase a new one. Purchasing stuff is something that I have avoided for years on the simple assumption that we would be leaving this place at any moment. Those moments have lasted years now and everything is getting old or broken (like our ac).
This weekend I will succumb and head to the local hyper mart to purchase an ac with a brand name I am sure I will not have heard of. But only one. Which means all of will be sharing a single bedroom until sometime in the fall when the temperatures start to fall. I wonder how many people in Canada would consider sharing a bedroom with their kids in the winter in order to cut costs? Would I if I was rich?

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