24hr Baby TV

I want my Baby TV. Maybe it’s where we live and how we have arranged our house, or maybe we have latched on to at least one good value. But our children seldom watch TV and I never want to see that change. Not everyone agrees or people agree but make no effort to change.
In fact, BabyFirstTV, the first 24-hour channel with programming catering exclusively to children ages 6 months to 3 years old, premiered recently through DirectTV. Obviously there is a market for this kind of product – to those who have little time for this whole parenting thing – either by choice or by consequence.
TV is the great parenting replacer. The one time a week our daughter watches one of her favourite tapes she is all but unreachable. You could be talking to her, jumping up and down, or singing at the top of your lungs. She doesn’t know you exist. Maybe that is what people are looking for.
“”Using videos and television in this age range is basically an uncontrolled experiment on youngsters,” said Dr. Donald Shifrin, the organization’s spokesman.”
“For many harried parents, though, keeping the TV turned off is all but impossible.”
It’s for every parent to decide. From ABC News.