Trying to keep Mobile

There seems to be some strange goings on today on the Inter-web here in Taiwan which is making me doubt my decision on signing up with Strongspace for offsite back-ups. Uploads seem to be a problem lately with even the smallest of files – it took an hour for me to eventually upload a single 50k image file through ftp or browser client. If I have problems with small images it makes me wonder if nightly multi-gig backups will be feasible. Taiwan generally has great consumer level broadband service which is usually only hampered by poor “last mile” infrastructure (if you would see the lousy job done on phone and electrical installations here you would understand). Luckily Strongspace is cheap, very cheap, so giving it try is basically no risk at all.
I was once a .Mac subscriber but the amount of storage and lack of good customer service has driven me to using Strongspace and Gmail. It will be interesting to see how my increased reliance on web applications plays out as I travel and across the various hinterlands of Asia.

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