While I guess I shouldn’t be I can’t help but be suprised with the problems I am having with my relatively new Motorola T191 cell phone. On a number of occaisions now the phone’s operating system (if that is what it’s called in a phone) has crashed. The screens characters go all out of control and the phone becomes unresponsive. I have certainly come to expect this behaviour from computers – I just unloaded a huge amount of cash on a new laptop only to have word and powerpoint crash once every session – but appliances? With the increasing sophistication of computers built into what are considered everyday essential tools what will the future hold? God forbid that my fridge, stereo, or coffee maker start exhibiting the behaviour of a windows pc. It might be rather expensive to have your freeze crash in the middle of the night thawing out all the food in the freezer or the stereo deciding in was time to play Taiwanese pop in the middle of the night. I don’t want windows in my toaster. Perhaps this is all a good excuse to buy a new phone. I rather like the new Treo.