I had a coaching session recently in Charlottetown. I’m generally not one for believing in the value of life coaches or other similar services. I prescribe more to the David Goggins approach to life, or at least Mel Robbins.

But it was one of the most valuable 90 minutes I have spent in a long time. I don’t know what it was—the timing or a need to share. Most likely, she was simply really good. I used to consider myself a master of the user interview, but she was far better at establishing a positive connection with a stranger than I ever will be.

I went in there looking for guidance on how to change my mindset, and I left with a number of key questions that need to be answered before any strategy or change might occur.

Sometimes, you need the right person at the right time to give you that push you need to move forward. I look forward to another session in the future.