Men’s Fashion

The Morning News has a three part series on mens fashion for perhaps the fashion challenged
like myself (I still after all these years shop at the Gap).

An excerpt:
“When they get back from the cleaners, call that special someone, make drinks, lay a fire.
Escort your lover to the closet and ? slowly! ? take down each shirt, unbuttoning every cuff
(you can use your teeth), then throw them up so the air is a cloud of stripes,
an ecstasy of cotton.”

And words of wisdom that I hope all follow:
Oh yeah, another thing: Don?t roll up the jacket sleeves Miami-Vice style.
We say this now, but then again, considering the fickle nature of fashion, don?t hold us to it.

Men?s Fashion: Part 1, Suits

Men?s Fashion: Part 2, Dress Shirts

Men?s Fashion: Part 3, Pants