Electron Luv tube amps

Electron Luv tube amps are a work of art. Wonderful craft and art. But at 190lbs it’s not something i will have shipped to Taiwan any time soon.
tube.jpg “Josh’s Design Philosophy to seek out the ultimate aesthetic/musical quality in audio. In the pursuit of the best reproduction of recorded music, the audio world is populated with many outstanding products. What could be different, better? Why not use the BEST sounding tubes, components, and circuits possible? Why not build the most creative and cool looking chassis’ possible? Why not use tubes that look as good (and cool) as they sound, and present them prominently and artfully? If it sounds better, use it. tube2.jpg
A ‘no compromises’ approach to the circuit design and parts, together with a completely fresh and creative way to house them is the basic design goal. These amps are designed and built from a standpoint of extensive listening… what does this sound like, what does that tube, choke or rectifier sound like. This results in an understanding of the sonic consequences of each and every part in the circuit, and the contribution that each component makes to the resulting tonal and musical reproduction. As with thoughtful, experienced gourmet cooking, this results in a wonderful, delicious feast of audio delights.”
electronluv tube amps