Coffee WiFi and Hsinchu

Hsinchu may have per capita more coffee/tea shops than most Canadian and American cities but generally they are missing one of the most important features of such establishments – WiFi (and good coffee). That is until I learned that a new neighbourhood shop the Burano, and a farther afield spot called Havana Coffee Shop, appear to have this most necessary of “sticky” services.
I’ve noticed the Havana Coffee Shop a number of times in my travels around the neighbourhood adjacent to FE’21. It’s pretty hard to miss it; it’s painted blue which makes it a rarity among the gray and orange elsewhere. So since I was out in the area yesterday I though I would drop in, say hello, check it out, and ask if they have WiFi. The staff seemed grateful for the English lesson – translating wireless internet – and told me that though the shop doesn’t have it the shop above does and it leaks down to the 1st floor. Cheeky.
The Burano has the look of a shop that will only be around for 6 months to a year. Thats not to say that it sucks but just that the market is so saturated that competition is rather fierce. Restaurants and coffee shops are the most common business idea here it seems and they come and go with the wind. I hope they stick around as the fruit is ok and well they have WiFi.
Despite living here for over 7 years I still don’t know the side street names but you can’t miss the Havana. It’s on a unpopulated sidestreet opposite the side entrance to Fe’21. The Burano is on the canal around, close to Windance, across from that overpriced Teriyaki restaurant, and within throwing distance of the corner park.
More detailed pictures here.

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