Digitimes Interview

My apologises if the text is garbled below. It’s the opening paragraph for a recent interview I had with the Digitimes here in Hsinchu. I have been doing a number of interviews lately and have used the opportunity to promote the projects I am on. I’ll post a radio interview I did in the coming days as well. Once I get over my atypical shyness I become chatty it seems.

在工研院工作五年多,加拿大籍的克拉克·麥克勞(Clark Macleod),因為陪著一歲女兒玩玩具,觸發設計音樂椅的想法。在工研院創意中心的支持下,很快地,這張坐上去就能參與音樂演奏的椅子,即將跟大家見面。

Read the interview (Chinese)