Kuroshio House Blend

While I don’t always take the time to drink coffee as good as this, there is no better way to start my day than with a cup of coffee and time to scan the headlines of the day, even the increasingly asinine headlines coming from south of the border can’t disrupt this essential routine. I’ve tried other morning routines with mixed results, getting out of bed and immediately doing burpees is best left to the Jacko Willink’s of the world.

The picture above is of Ink’s “Kuroshio House Blend” (墨咖啡). I’m not a fan of blends in general and prefer single origin, particularly almost anything from Kenya. This was ok, less bitter than most of the roasts found in PEI but perhaps not as good as other varieties they produce.

I received a healthy supply of coffee beans from two of my favorite roasters this Christmas, it’s still a surprise that such great coffee can be found in Hsinchu and other cities throughout Taiwan. This should make for an enjoyable to start to the new year.

Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger Breakfast Set

Though it has the look of something you might give to the kids (the coffee mug gives away the fact it’s not) this Tony the Tiger Breakfast set is really meant for me. Their was a time that Frosted Flakes were my favourite start and/or end to my day. This looks like a great way to remember those careful high metabolism days of my youth. This retro styled set features a small plate, cereal bowl, and mug. All in earthenware and decorated with the original Frosted Flakes cereal box design. $29.00US. Via Uncrate.

Global Parent Support Group

Web site Minti lets you share, rank, comment on, and search parenting advice.
“We started with the goal of supporting parents worldwide to become better at caring for their children. Where does the best advice come from? The vast majority of parents told us “from other parents”. Minti provides an online community for parents to both share and rank advice about parenthood in an easy and fun environment.”
The site is fairly young and you might find it lacking in some information that you as an experienced parent might find valuable. I like it as a means to gauge other peoples opinions on the various trials of parenting.

Small Mod Photo Album

I’m old school when it comes to showing photos of my family. I know there are lots of tech. stuff out there but there is something more personable and tactile to a traditional album. Traditional doesn’t have to mean dour. There are many great looking classic albums out there, the favourite of mine are the types I can throw in a bag and show people wherever I go. With acid-free paper and 100% cotton stain-resistant fabric the Small Mod Photo Album looks like a good choice. It holds 100 4×6 photos (1 per page) with room for titles, notes, etc.. $16.00US.