Keeping kids busy and educated during self-isolation

I shared this on Slack earlier this am. It’s by no means exhaustive but it might serve as a good starting point.

Podcast recommendations and a collection of resources to keep kids busy and educated during self-isolation.

“children’s book authors are now doing virtual storytimes!”

For those of you with little kids, #OperationStoryTime might be a fun way to fill in some time.

Also, my wife will be reading Childrens stories next week on Sleep Tight Stories FaceBook page at around 10am. Very adhoc and informal but could be a nice break for the little ones.

Sleep Tight Stories is publishing twice weekly now and with 79 episodes their might be something to add to your child’s playlist.

Apple Podcasts:
Google Podcasts:

Lastly, Kids Listen has a great list of kids podcasts and stay at home resources.