Story waypoints

I’m about to finally finish a series called The Magical Book of Dreams, which I started for Sleep Tight Stories a year and a half ago. It’s a story about a girl whose father disappears, and she goes off to find and then rescue him. I found it very hard to write, and my writing style changed about five times throughout the time I have been writing it. Though a mess, it’s proven to have a following, and we often get requests for when the next chapter is coming.

I read an excerpt that at the bi-weekly meeting of the Montague Writing Group. I don’t think they came away impressed, and they had some helpful feedback.

Next, I hope to publish it in print and ebook, but because it’s so messy, I think it’s going to cost a fortune to have it edited. Once done, the publishing part should be more straightforward than the other stories I have written, which occupy the space between board and chapter books. They will also require more illustrations.

The other continuing series is The Transfer Student, about a girl who moves to Canada from Mars. I started this series after I was inspired by Patti Larsen’s Cat City, which we published and are re-mastering as time permits. The Transfer Student is far less developed and will take considerable time to complete before it’s finished. The story never explicitly states the location, but I will somehow find a way to weave Charlottetown into the story.

By the time both of these series reach their respective end points, it will be the end of June, and it will be time for a couple of weeks of working outside.